The defines federal grants management as work that "involves implementing and and cooperative agreements and providing grants-related assistance and services."

To prepare employees and prospective employees for grant-related career paths, the federal government has developed a range of tools and assets. If you are considering a career in federal grants management, or if you are hoping to add related skillsets to your resume, we encourage you to consult the following resources after familiarizing yourself with the Grants 101 section of the Grants Learning Center:

Grants Management

OPM’s position flysheet for grants management contains example tasks, including administering grants, designing grant policy, and serving as liaison between the government and external parties.


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Financial Management

The Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Council identified functional competencies that are standard performance requirements for individuals working in federal financial assistance management.


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Additional Resources to Help Your Grant Career

: The CFO Council has developed an online course for government employees and grant professionals hoping to work in federal financial assistance management.

  • Module 1 – Laws, Regulations, and Guidance
  • Module 2 – Financial Assistance Mechanisms
  • Module 3 – Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements
  • Module 4 – Cost Principles
  • Module 5 – Risk Management and Single Audit 

: This interactive resource from the CFO Council supports the grants management workforce to identify and learn about key competencies to continue their professional development.

Trò chơi banca dễ thương: This interactive resource was developed by the CFO Council to support the professional development of federal financial management professionals.